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Paul Silva and Carlos Ortiz began working side by side in 1989 for a San Diego General Contracting firm. It was there they started gaining knowledge of what was required to running a successfully construction company. There is no substitution from learning the trades from the ground up and by using their 40 plus years of combined construction experience they created a company built on hard work, integrity, team building and professional management. The company model Paul and Carlos have developed over the years is successful because of their strong longstanding relationships with clients, subcontractors and employees.

Paul Silva: Co-President & CEO

paul silva

Paul Silva was born and raised in San Diego, California. Paul’s father worked in the construction industry and definitely instilled the virtues of handwork and to always keep your word. Paul brings with him close to 25 years experience and an excellent working knowledge of both the technical and managerial aspects of the construction trade. Paul possesses a highly motivated attitude that makes him a very dependable and conscientious owner of Silva Ortiz Contracting.

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Carlos Ortiz: President

Carlos Ortiz teamed up with Paul Silva in 1989 and together formed the company they own and operate today. Carlos brings with him a great understanding of field knowledge and team building. Carlos handles the day to day field responsibilities of project management, subcontractor and employee coordination. He is conscientious of time frames and budget management. His working knowledge and experience in the field makes him a central component to the daily operation of the company. Carlos is known to not hesitate to do what it takes to “get the job done”.

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